After studying various areas of design, Pelin Dumlu decides to focus her efforts in the area of fashion. Today she incorporates her bachelor' s degree in Interior Architecture, master' s degree in Product Design (Domus Academy, Milano) and Fashion Design (Esmod, Istanbul) knowledge into her own fashion label, White Posture.

White Posture is a premium fashion brand that specializes exclusively in White Shirts for modern confident women who express their strength and individuality in the clothes that they wear. Founded by designer Pelin Dumlu in 2013, her up and coming Istanbul fashion brand stands out with its clear-cut collars, straight lines and craftsmanship. White Posture brand which sets out to bring more different and dynamic perspective to white shirt fashion, always inspired by art and architecture and creates noteworthy stories adapted on clear-cut geometrical forms and also well-known with using fine quality cotton fabrics.

PROJECTS done by Designer:
1. Collaboration with ‘House Cafe Group’ an established cafe chain in Turkey since 2002.
- Waiter and waitress’ uniforms’ design and sample production (2014).
(All the images and samples are reserved due to company contract.)
2. Collaboration with ‘Turkish Leather Council’ (2016). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZW8WaSNSEwY
3. Collaboration with BiL’S, a unique-designed shirt brand of BiLSAR Company in Turkey.
- Designing a White Shirt Capsule Collection (2016). http://www.bils.com/
4. Collaboration with a brandnew company (not launched yet) in San Francisco/CA, USA (2017).
- Designing a main Silk collection for Bride and Bridemaids.
(All the images and samples are reserved due to company contract.)
1. WHO’ S NEXT PARIS Trade Show
2. VISION CPH COPENHAGEN Trade Show (invited participant)