After studying various areas of design, Pelin Dumlu decides to focus her efforts in the area of fashion. Today she incorporates her interior architecture, product design (Domus Academy, Milano) and fashion design (Esmod, Istanbul) knowledge into her own fashion label, White Posture.

White Posture is a premium fashion brand that specializes exclusively in White shirts for modern confident women who express their strength and individuality in the clothes that they wear. Founded by designer Pelin Dumlu in 2014, her up and coming Istanbul fashion brand stands out with its clear-cut collars, straight lines and craftsmanship.

White Posture brand which sets out to bring more different and dynamic perspective to white shirt fashion, always inspired by art and architecture and creates noteworthy stories adapted on clear-cut geometrical forms and also wellknown with using fine quality cotton fabrics.

‘Modern Architecture’ was the main inspirational subject for the first collection. Afterwards, designer was inspired by ‘Suprematism’ movement which the famous painter Kazimir Malevich is a pioneer, for her

Spring-Summer 2014 collection. She focused on ‘The Architecture Of Natural Light’ as an inspiration for her Autumn-Winter 2014-15 and Spring-Summer 2015 collections. For the Autumn-Winter 2015-16 collection ‘Bauhaus period and designs’ were the story behind. Designer’s latest collections’ focus was ‘Deconstructivist Architecture and featured details’.

White Posture has become one of the most preferential white shirt brands in Türkiye in a very short time and had firstly started to edged into the market in ‘BEYMEN/BEYMEN BLENDER’ stores then ‘BRANDROOM’, ‘VAKKO/V2K Designers’ stores and also in many sales points worldwide.

STUDIO 14.82

Studio 14.82 takes its name and inspiration from the year that the genious of Renaissance period Leonardo Da Vinci's most important milestones of his life is to move from Florence to Milan to have a new beginning in 1482! 

Regards to him!

Renaissance period’s sake; on the contrary we r willing to go minimal, niche, modern! Attentive but also messy sometimes by mostly collectively and being adapted to the future! 

Designer Pelin Dumlu implements her dream path by creating the brand; she aims an experimental space by collective works, art installations and projects, not just a showroom it will welcome you to join multidisciplinary creative community as well. Studio 14.82's design mind believes to exist not only by appearance also by giving feelings by stories behind.

Studio 14.82 aims to collaborate designers from different disciplines and to create an innovative style that will feed our creativity with a collective harmony.


Fractures & flows symbolize the history and artistic point of view while the general simplicity and minimalism symbolizes today’s perspective. The dynamism of the lines that goes to an infinity with a free form symbolizes the perspective of the future and the endless path to the beyond! Definitely has an organic link with the founding brand White Posture!


While White Posture focuses on creating only white shirts and beyond, Studio 14.82 aims to focus on designing more dynamic, colorful and rebel complementary pieces as a sister brand to White Posture! 

Both brands are the results of the stories that the designer Pelin Dumlu' s minimal, original and futuristic design mind formed behind architectural and artistic sources.



Pelin Dumlu