You have a premium product with its unique designs, craftmanship and fine quality cotton and linen fabrics.

Please do not use tumble dry.

Do not bleach; your clothe' s fabric, 100% recycled polyester tags and 100% cotton tags are sensitive materials.

Your clothe require special attention to keep your cotton clothes intact, for the collar and cuff detailed shirts please don’t wash cold or hot, they need dry clean with special local cleaning. 

The ones without collar or cuff machine wash on a gentle or normal cycle in cold water with like colours. You should not wash them in a machine higher than 30 degrees, best in cold water. 

You should ideally air dry them to avoid any shrinkage.

Please don’t tumble dry.

WASH LESS, that’s definitely a good advice when it comes to your laundry. For extra-congevity and durability, a %100 cotton shirts should only be washed only when needed.

Even though quality cotton is robust, every wash causes stress to its natural fibres and ultimately leads to faster ageing and fading to your shirt.

For persistent stains, you can ask a dry cleaner to use a commercial stain remover, but avoid stain solutions with bleach for coloured cotton/linen garments. The bleach might remove the colour out of the fabric and leave a light mark.

All sensitive fabrics need to iron on reverse and low.

İdeally your shirts and pants need to be hung. Use wide hangers so shirts’ shape can be well preserved in a wardrobe. Make sure you insert the hanger from the bottom so you’re not over-stretching the neckline.

We are responsible for our products’ care and respectful cause they respect making our skin breathe and feel good.